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Published at: 2018-09-03 10:24:28 +0000

A critical step in my blogging flow are stationery pad files.

A feature of Finder from long ago, a stationery pad file lets you make a template of a file so when you open it in finder it creates a copy of the original and you actually open the copy.

This workflow is great when blogging in RTF (like Max Town) because I open the "Blog Template.rtf" on my desktop and it has the header and font styles all setup. Then I save the new file without having to worry about copying it!

You can also make a stationery file 'Locked' (I think this only works on APFS volumes) so that it won't be edited accidentally. 


One strange bug is if you open the stationery pad from right clicking on the TextEdit icon (instead of left clicking) or selecting it from the recently used list it won't work! And instead opens the original. Which is very annoying, so Locking the file prevents you from accidentally doing that.

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